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Tanmay Saxena
Tanmay Saxena

Bengaluru, India

adobe creative cloud, figma, framer studio, invisionapp, product design, sketch, ui, ux, web and app design, zeplin

  1. Cards Design Concepts for Regular & Co-branded Cards branding credit cards visual design finance
  2. [Concept] IPL Prediction Game Design - with Minimum Graphics web  design ipl ux ui
  3. Gaana Player - v5 gamification engagement music player app gaana mobile music ux ui
  4. Concept Design - IRCTC Website website railways travel ux ui
  5. Gaana Voice Assistant voice assistant music player app gaana mobile music ux ui
  6. Gaana Emailer Design app design gaana music ui
  7. Gaana Homepage Concept app music player gaana mobile music ux ui
  8. New Gaana Detail Pages music player gaana mobile ux music ui
  9. Analytics Tracker - Concept calendar analytics graph mobile ux ui
  10. Gaana Artist View Details - [Concept] gaana artist music ux ui
  11. Gaana Artist Page [Concept] music artist ux ui
  12. Player - Now Playing Explorer [Concept] explore music ux ui
  13. [WIP] - Let's go White! sketchapp design system themes ux ui
  14. [Concept] Player Quick Actions actions mobile interface ux ui music
  15. Music Player Design - Concept simplistic micro interaction gaana player music music app mobile ui ux
  16. Create Playlist - Concept Design ios gaana music app overlay suggestions recommendations alert replacement playlist music mobile ui ux
  17. My Music Redesign - for Gaana filter gaana quick filter music android mobile ux ui
  18. WIP - Genre Page emotions genre simplified music player mobile app music gaana ui ux
  19. Transliteration - Welcome Screen languages transliterate simplified music player app music gaana ui ux
  20. WhatIf - Gaana was Clean and Sexy simplified music player web music gaana ui ux
  21. The NakedTruth - Web Design blog web nakedtruth branding ui ux
  22. Music Player + Queue - Concept app queue music mobile ui ux
  23. Now Playing with Queue queue playing
  24. User Onboarding - AdjusterMate adjustermate mobile ui user onboarding
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